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Acquiring backlinks can be a tremendously important mix in your SEO, search engine optimisation efforts, ignore them at your own peril.

Back links can come in handy in a number of ways, firstly, most search engine listings, particularly Google like to view quality backlinks, as well as the emphasis here is on the word quality. Quality backlinks, in Google’s mystical algorithm of relevance, proves that your internet site is somehow valuable or important, but that’s assuming you choose to go for quality links in terms of the keyword you are optimizing your site for.

For example in case your target keyword is ‘Nike trainers’ take a look for top quality links for your keyword.

Secondly, you can boost your site traffic with prospective customers who find the backlink and visit your site and this will assist to raise the overall website visitors to your website.

So how do you get these all important quality backlinks? For just one you want a well thought out and planned, link strategy, here are some of my suggestions.

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1. Directories

Its not all directories are equal, some are worth greater than others so don’t waste your cash, time and effort on directories who have a page rank (PR) worth of less than 1. Ideally you need to acquire directory links with a PR of 4 .

Make sure you are listed on yahoo and DMOZ, and when you’re budget provides for it, purchase a listing on the Yahoo directory. These are generally high value directories and definately will certainly give your website an enhancement.

2. Press Release

If you’re an organization, try writing and distributing a press release that could be valuable or of interest to customers, suppliers or some other relevant stakeholders in your town of business. Potential newsworthy items could include, launching a whole new services or products, relocating because of expansion, taking on new staff or making a new department. All of these are valuable PR opportunities, and don’t forget to include a backlink for your site.

3. Article Directories

Try and write original, quality articles and submit them to article directory sites. Article submission sites can be a very good way to obtain quality backlinks in your site. Every time you write and submit an article that gets published you will find the chance to place one or several links back in your site. Typically this is done through the authors bio or even the resource box.

4. Posting comments

Posting your comments to many other articles on blogs takes little or no time at all and is also an incredibly effective way to get top quality baclinks in your site, particularly if the blog is a high PR site and highly relevant to keywords or site.

Try to post useful and honest comments and Do not spam, go off topic, or post useless few-word comments just to obtain your link placed. Should you the chances are your comment is not going to even get posted.

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5. High authority sites

Finally, a number of the better quality sites, referred to as high authority sites. Obtain a link back from one of those sites and you will definitely likely acquire a real boost for the site in terms of traffic and PR. Unfortunately, it jufkgg notoriously difficult to get a backlink from those sites, yet it is worth a shot for those who have a website that is going to be worthwhile linking to. Try the aforementioned linking strategies, and hopefully over time you will notice a increase in visitors and in your website rank.

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